澳洲幸运8官网开奖结果查询平台 - 手机版 安卓 苹果 通用版 Seamless test automation, supercharged by AI

Write tests faster, get clearer insights, and improve coverage with an AI-augmented platform.

Create tests in 1 minute

Katalon Studio balances low-code ease with full-code flexibility, so adoption is fast.

Quickly record-and-playback real-world scenarios. Auto-capture test objects, properties and locators.


Build a quality command center

TestOps organizes your test artifacts all in one place: test cases, test suites, environments, objects and profiles.

Map automated tests to existing manual tests with one-click integrations to tools like Jira and X-ray.


Instant web & mobile test environments

TestCloud’s on-demand environments make it easy to run tests in parallel across browsers, devices and OS while we take care of the heavy lifting of setup and maintenance.

Runtime Engine streamlines execution in your own environment with smart wait, self-healing, scheduling and parallel execution.


Real-time visibility, actionable insights

Understand failures ASAP with auto-detected assertions and zoom in with rich execution views. Zoom out with coverage, release, flakiness, and pass/fail trend reports.

Real-time notifications and the 360-degree visibility in TestOps enable faster, clearer and more confident decision-making.


Align requirements and testing strategy

Keep quality in focus and