Test Data is being shared: BOUNDARY

OpenTestData.orgs mission is to facilitate the sharing and organization of test data, so software testers can focus on the problem, not hunting around for input data. Be nerd-famous and contribute, or be lazy and download to speed up your testing efforts.


  • Download

    Easy to download test data in formats such as JSON, XML, RDF, and CSV.
  • Contribute

    Quickly add values to the test database.
  • Test Data Generators

    Use Test data generators for rangest of values, pair-wise testing, etc.


Testers spend too much time hand-crafting data for testing. If we just shared our collective test data, our testing would be faster and more awesome.

  • Open

    Test Data is open and FREE forever. We need to share to be awesome software testers--the job is too big for just a few of us.
  • API

    Download the test data--or call us at runtime via API to get the latest test data for your runs.
  • Validation Too

    All Test data is labeled as valid or invalid. Feed your test cases this data and automatically know if your tests should pass or fail. for test_data in open_test_data
  • Be Famous

    If you are a test nerd, join to help out. It doesn't make much time and it might make you test-nerd-famous


OpenTestData is just getting started. Join early, be awesome! We are just test and data nerds that realize if everyone shared just a little bit, but the testing could be a lot more efficient, and the software the powers the world could be just a bit better.

Jason Arbon
First Data Sharer


I'd love to learn how to use this data or contribute!